EarthSpirit Stone Circle

Sacred Land

Open house & seasonal celebrations with EarthSpirit

EarthSpirit’s home in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts
2017 Sacred Land open house & seasonal celebrations with EarthSpirit:

Sacred Land open houses begin with a walk of the sacred sites on the land, followed by a celebration of the Celtic holidays from Beltane to Samhain.

Please attend the walk if you have not before(usually at 1pm before the 3pm ritual, except for Solstice). All rituals are outside if at all possible (we have limited indoor space if not). Kids are welcome!

For directions and questions call 413-238-4240 or email For questions read info below carefully, see the EarthSpirit Community’s FB page (for last minute details especially), or call the EarthSpirit office: 413-238-4240. Please note that we will try to check messages on the day of the Sacred Land event, but it may be a little erratic, as we will be mostly outdoors! Sturdy shoes are very, very important, especially for kids! We walk through beautiful woods, creek edges and rough fields.

Sacred Land dates:

  • Sunday, April 30th 1 – 5 pm EarthSpirit Beltane Maypole celebration (& potluck feast) (with Sue Arthen & others)
    Walk and honor the land, then gather for Beltane’s joyous holiday maypole by the pond, marking the fullness of Spring & new beginnings! Bring babies!
  •  Saturday, June 17th, 4-9 pm EarthSpirit Summer Solstice Ritual (& portable finger food potluck)
    (with Sarah Stockwell-Arthen & others). Welcoming in the time of brightness and growing, we’ll
    walk the labyrinth with intention, then climb the hill celebrating the longest day, lighting a
    traditional bale fire and singing down the sun. (Bring your own picnic utensils to carry, and
    shareable picnic food (such as bread, fruit & cheese… or a cut up roast!)
  • Saturday, July 29th, 1-6 pm EarthSpirit Lunasdal Ritual (& potluck feast)
    (with Deirdre Arthen & others). Opening to the fruitful early harvest season, we’ll walk the land,
    gathering at the stone circle for a celebration of the first harvest, thanking our food for its
    sacrifice, feeding the the sacred stones and joining to feast. (Bring yummy food to share!)
  • Sunday, September 17th, 1-6pm EarthSpirit Autumn Equinox (& portable finger food potluck)
    (with Rowan Hawthorne, Sarah Stockwell-Arthen & more). Fullness of the growing season & coming
    of the dark time: we’ll walk the land, ritually plant a new tree in the sacred grove, tell each
    other stories & feast. (Bring your own picnic utensils to carry, and shareable picnic food
    (such as bread, fruit & cheese… or a cut up roast!)
  • Sunday, October 22nd, 1-4:30pm Samhain Ritual
    (with Emily Cavin). Quiet observance at the ancestor shrine to
    honor ancestors & others who have passed.

Glenwood Farm Home of EarthSpirit

Guidelines for Visitors:

  •  Please notice the private homes in the middle of the land, and respect the privacy of residents.
  •  There are portable facilities available for visitors.
  •  Do not bring any alcohol or drugs, and leave pets, including dogs, at home.
  •  Dress for being outdoors, including good shoes/boots for walking in the woods.
  •  We prefer to maintain a cigarette smoke-free environment, but if you need to smoke, please do so outdoors away from the buildings and field-strip your butts.
  •  Please use no candles or incense, because of risk of fire.
  •  Please angle park on the right as you drive in.

Directions to Glenwood are available by writing to or by calling the office at 413-238-4240

    Honor the Earth and all beings
    Gather for traditional holidays that mark the cycles of nature
    Travel a labyrinth, enter a stone circle, sing at a peace cairn . . .

    We walk to honor & greet the sacred sites, then gather for seasonal rituals
    based on earth-centered traditional Pagan practices of Celtic Europe.
    Deepen your connection to the Earth and the places you love.

EarthSpirit, a non-profit organization, holds events and gatherings honoring the Earth and drawn from the indigenous traditions of Northern Europe.




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